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5 Delicious Smoothies for People with CKD

Mmmmmmm, smoothies. The perfect breakfast or snack. But a lot of them contain too much potassium and phosphorus for folks with kidney issues need to avoid. To stay healthy, you need to know which ingredients to look for – and which to avoid. How healthy are smoothies anyway? Fresh fruits and vegetables include dietary fiber, and you can get a significant part...

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6 Tips for Healthy Holidays on a Dialysis Diet

The coming holidays present both a joyous time and a health challenge for people on dialysis. Being around friends and family is good for the soul. It’s a welcome reminder that there is a wonderful world still spinning beyond the demanding schedule of dialysis treatments and appointments. Balancing health and nutrition goals may seem challenging with holiday meals and parties,...

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Tips to Improve Kidney Function

Episode 54: Improve Kidney Function: My top tips to beat Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). I share my top 7 tips on how to improve kidney function based on my own success in improving from GFR 13 (CKD Stage 5) to where I am today September 2019. References: Dadvice TV

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